Vault secrets plugin for Vercel

I prefer ephemeral tokens but Vercel does not support them out-of-the-box. So I wrote a plugin for Vault at thevilledev/vault-plugin-secrets-vercel.

Open source

Whenever I have the time I contribute to Github projects I personally use and like. Very often a HashiCorp repository.

Automated deployments for Bitcoin Lightning network nodes

Project on Github: thevilledev/lightning-node-ansible.

Getting started with Vault

Vault solves the problem of secrets management and secure introduction in a really neat way. My project thevilledev/hashistack-pki introduces how Hashicorp’s tools fit together and how you can utilize internal TLS certificates easily within your own infrastructure.

Project Euler

Project Euler presents math problems which can be solved programmatically. I use C, C++ or Python for these problems.

My solutions can be found from Github: thevilledev/project-euler.